Lux & lines brand Established by Peter and Victor Alawani, represents the physical

manifestation of our soul searching and journey to understand life. With a background in geophysics,

Engineering and Art, through the application of simple creative concepts and design principles fused with

bio-mimicry we create strong minimalistic statements.

Generally, a creative design could be simply freely expressing one’s self through any available medium.

Our design process simply originates from life interaction, paying keen attention to the

simplest of things around us like nature, family life, our daily jobs. From this, a creative need

often arises, whether it be a need to solve a problem or a need to ease a task or perhaps to make

someone happy. As a team, we are constantly finding ways through different medium to satisfy

this creative need.

while mother nature is our main inspiration our art is intended to challenge your views and

to expand your mind to appreciate the beauty in simplicity.


Our brand is aimed at creating sustainable designs Inspired by nature and the ever growing

need of waste management and environmentally safe design, we use waste from corn starch,

wood and metal additives with design principles from nature to create high-end



“we think it we build it”

We produce art both digitally and traditionally particularly focusing on details and using

well-known techniques.

using our filament extruders we convert waste to raw materials and with fdm printing and advanced cad software

we produce something simple , functional and simply eye catching.

our vision to the world is to inspire hope and a connection to the simple things that make up life, while adding beauty in a cleaner and safer environment.